Change of Direction…. 3 weeks to go! Pressure!!!!

After trying to manipulate the Bonsai I took photographs of, it really wasn’t working out the way my first developmental image did. I felt uninspired and anxious every time I had to work on it. After seeing the below first image from Sara Dyland, I was immediately intrigued! After looking up how she did it I realised it was double exposure and that my camera didn’t do it so I looked into how to do it in photoshop, it was then I realised I could do something with my already shot travel images with something similar. I’ve got many travel images I have taken over the years and have always wanted to do something with them other than just simply uploading them so I decided to give self portraiture a try and overlap  my travel images.

Initial Inspiration

Sara Dylan

Sara Dyland


When researching a little more how to perform ‘double exposures’ in photoshop I stumbled across Anette Ivanova. Her images immediately resonated with me and allowed me to develop my idea a bit further. She had a tutorial on how she did it (below)  which helped and I was slowly starting to get my images to where  wanted them to be, but not quite.

Anette Ivanova




Finally narrowing down my idea it was the image and tutorial link below I was able to really cement the concept into what the final images would be. Black and white, high key, with lots of negative space. I spent a full 3 days on the final images as I didn’t have much time left to get them printed and ready for exhibition. Just a little bit of pressure!!!




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