Printing, Framing & Layout… idea and concept

I decided from the start that I wanted to print on Matt paper as they were black and white and I wanted it to be really contrasty and appearing like it was almost out of a sketchbook. I didn’t want there to be reflections from high gloss distracting from the detail either. I had Tim from Thirds Fine Art Printing to print the images and didn’t get time to even do ‘test’ printing so what he printed first was what I had to present.


I wanted to keep the framing as simplistic as the images and again no reflections from glass or distratcing elements as they pieces spoke for themselves so I used magnets to pin them to the all which looked amazing! They complemented the tones of the images beautifully & left the images to speak for themselves.


I selected the images that I presented for a reason… Reflection 1 is Melbourne which obviously I am now living in Melbourne and after much debate in my own mind and moving back and forth from my home town Sydney I’ve decided that Melbourne is HOME! Reflection 2 is NSW where I gre up, it’s a place called Grenfell 5 hours past the Blue Mountains of Sydney and it is stunning, my Mum has a country house there and it’s where I go to totally escape. This image is of the stunning canola fields that line the roadside which is absolutely breathtaking scenery. Reflection 3 are 2 images from Italy, the top one is the beautiful Duomo, magnificent old church in Milan and the bottom is the roof of the Galleria, a posh shopping mall also in Milan. I’ve visited Italy about 5 times and each time has been significant, not only do i love Italy and hope to continue visiting and possibly even live long term one day  t’s where I got engaged and where I got ‘divorced’. Both were happy times for me. Reflection 4 is in Spain and it was the first Europe destination I ever went to when I was 22, I fell in love with the culture, the food, the people and got addicted to travel from there on in.


The layout of the pieces was thought out as well. I wanted to the images to be looking at one another as if reflecting on each other, because that is exactly what I did during this project.


One image in the series, Relfection 1, I wasn’t happy with at all (Melbourne) and I nearly pulled it out and only had 3 but it would have ruined my whole concept of the ‘reflections’. Live & learn! Next time I will give myself plenty more time.




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