Printing, Framing & Layout… idea and concept

I decided from the start that I wanted to print on Matt paper as they were black and white and I wanted it to be really contrasty and appearing like it was almost out of a sketchbook. I didn’t want there to be reflections from high gloss distracting from the detail either. I had Tim from Thirds Fine Art Printing to print the images and didn’t get time to even do ‘test’ printing so what he printed first was what I had to present.


I wanted to keep the framing as simplistic as the images and again no reflections from glass or distratcing elements as they pieces spoke for themselves so I used magnets to pin them to the all which looked amazing! They complemented the tones of the images beautifully & left the images to speak for themselves.


I selected the images that I presented for a reason… Reflection 1 is Melbourne which obviously I am now living in Melbourne and after much debate in my own mind and moving back and forth from my home town Sydney I’ve decided that Melbourne is HOME! Reflection 2 is NSW where I gre up, it’s a place called Grenfell 5 hours past the Blue Mountains of Sydney and it is stunning, my Mum has a country house there and it’s where I go to totally escape. This image is of the stunning canola fields that line the roadside which is absolutely breathtaking scenery. Reflection 3 are 2 images from Italy, the top one is the beautiful Duomo, magnificent old church in Milan and the bottom is the roof of the Galleria, a posh shopping mall also in Milan. I’ve visited Italy about 5 times and each time has been significant, not only do i love Italy and hope to continue visiting and possibly even live long term one day  t’s where I got engaged and where I got ‘divorced’. Both were happy times for me. Reflection 4 is in Spain and it was the first Europe destination I ever went to when I was 22, I fell in love with the culture, the food, the people and got addicted to travel from there on in.


The layout of the pieces was thought out as well. I wanted to the images to be looking at one another as if reflecting on each other, because that is exactly what I did during this project.


One image in the series, Relfection 1, I wasn’t happy with at all (Melbourne) and I nearly pulled it out and only had 3 but it would have ruined my whole concept of the ‘reflections’. Live & learn! Next time I will give myself plenty more time.




Visual Narrative “Pieces of Me”

I wanted my images to represent how I’ve been able to reflect on my life through looking at these images and working on this project.  I really didn’t allow myself enough time to express this properly in my Artist Statement and I think I really failed on that part. I just had too much pressure to get the concept right and everything else fell by the way side which I’m really disappointed about.

Artist Statement

While reviewing an image collection from years of travels and pondering on her experiences from painful to exhilarating the photographer produced these creative portraits of self-reflection upon reaching a milestone of turning 30. Reminiscing on her past, present and future allowed her to appreciate just how far she has come, what she has achieved and what she has to look forward to.

Change of Direction…. 3 weeks to go! Pressure!!!!

After trying to manipulate the Bonsai I took photographs of, it really wasn’t working out the way my first developmental image did. I felt uninspired and anxious every time I had to work on it. After seeing the below first image from Sara Dyland, I was immediately intrigued! After looking up how she did it I realised it was double exposure and that my camera didn’t do it so I looked into how to do it in photoshop, it was then I realised I could do something with my already shot travel images with something similar. I’ve got many travel images I have taken over the years and have always wanted to do something with them other than just simply uploading them so I decided to give self portraiture a try and overlap  my travel images.

Initial Inspiration

Sara Dylan

Sara Dyland


When researching a little more how to perform ‘double exposures’ in photoshop I stumbled across Anette Ivanova. Her images immediately resonated with me and allowed me to develop my idea a bit further. She had a tutorial on how she did it (below)  which helped and I was slowly starting to get my images to where  wanted them to be, but not quite.

Anette Ivanova




Finally narrowing down my idea it was the image and tutorial link below I was able to really cement the concept into what the final images would be. Black and white, high key, with lots of negative space. I spent a full 3 days on the final images as I didn’t have much time left to get them printed and ready for exhibition. Just a little bit of pressure!!!




Fine Art Photographer 2 – Kirtsy Mitchell –

Kirtsy Mitchell is probably the most inspiring Photographer I have ever come across!!

Her ‘Wonderland’ series has a distinct visual narrative of her interpretation of ‘Wonderland’ and also a personal heartache that she was going through at the time, the death of her Mother.  The entire series is a labour of love which took her 4 years to release the first instalment and a further 9 months to release the first image int he second instalment.

Kirsty is truly a talented creative phenomenon! Along with  the immense vision she has for the project she also hand makes all her own costumes. With the help of her make-up artist friends and a close knit team they create her elaborate world for one still photograph which has captured many hearts, including mine.

Her website contains a diary of the entire project from her ideas, thoughts and feelings, highs and lows, faults and successes. The Woman is not just an inspiration to me, she’s my idol!

Kirtsy Mitchell Wonderland Series 4 Kirtsy Mitchell Wonderland Series 8 Kirtsy Mitchell Wonderland Series 9 Kirtsy Mitchell Wonderland Series 3 Kirtsy Mitchell Wonderland Series 6 Kirtsy Mitchell Wonderland Series 7 Kirtsy Mitchell Wonderland Series 2 Kirtsy Mitchell Wonderland Series 5 Kirtsy Mitchell Wonderland Series 1